Monday, December 18, 2017
Children's Behavioral Health Services

Directions for Living is one of only two sites in Florida that has been selected to implement the evidence-based practice of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. By partnering with leading experts from across the country, Directions for Living is committed to delivering a variety of high quality, affordable behavioral health services to children and youths who have been victims of violence, witnesses to violence, or who have suffered a traumatic loss, as well as those with behavioral or emotional disorders.

Children's Behavioral Health Services include:

  • Children's Therapy is the service most people think of when they think of behavioral health treatment.  Individual, family, and group therapy services, as well as substance abuse counseling are available in-clinic at our Largo Center, with services also offered in-home to children who qualify.

  • In-Clinic: This service is available to children ages 2-17 with mild to moderate behavioral or emotional needs, and includes individual, family, and group therapy, as well as substance abuse counseling. Therapy is provided for a variety of issues, including loss and grief, depression, anxiety, abuse histories and addictions.
  • In-Home On-Site (IHOS): This intensive level of care is designed for children ages 4-17 with moderate to severe behavioral or emotional needs. IHOS is a voluntary service that provides evidence-based mental health services for children and their families, including individual and family therapy to teach problem solving skills, behavior strategies, and anger management skills, social skills training, and parenting skills. Therapy is provided for a variety of issues, including school behavior difficulties, adoption related issues, thoughts of suicide or self-harm, abuse histories, and addictions. All IHOS sessions will be provided in the child's home or the community, in a non-clinic location requested by the family.
  • Children's Psychiatry evaluates and treats children with acute, mild to severe, and / or chronic emotional or mental illness through medication therapy and monitoring, including the treatment of commonly diagnosed childhood disorders such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Directions also provides care for children that can be found outside of the scope of standard Behavioral Health Services - including within our Child Safety and Family Preservation division (which features Diversion Services as well as facilitating foster care and adoptions as the Case Management Organization for the Child Welfare system) and Prevention, Wellness, and Recovery Services (which includes Homeless Outreach for families, Early Childhood Consultation for parents, and Case Management for children).

If you are interested in accessing any of these services, please contact our Directions for Living Call Center by calling (727) 524-4464.

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